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Thomas University Master Plan

Thomasville, Georgia


Thomas University embarked on an epic challenge to change the face of their campus in 2010.  With roads bisecting the small campus and a sea of parking as the main focal point from Pinetree Boulevard, the campus did not reflect the excellent quality of education that was offered by the University.   Our firm worked with President, Dr. Gary Bonvillian to create a vision for the campus that would not only provide a pleasant working and learning environment for students and staff, but would become an asset for the entire Thomasville Community. 


The master plan proposed removal of nearly every square inch of pavement, roads and sidewalks and starting from scratch, to design efficient parking areas, a pedestrian friendly campus interior, efficient service areas, stormwater management facilities that were amenities, as well as the creation of classic campus quadrangles.  The quads were created by the placement of new buildings as well as moving and renovating existing structures such as the Balfour Chapel.  New signage, shade structures, plazas, fountains and gardens were incorporated into the new plan.

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